Thursday, 16 February 2012

latham's yard trees update

Following a complaint we started in July 2010, Taylor Wimpey have finally confirmed that from tomorrow they'll be planting the missing trees along the entrance to Harry Zeital Way. Hooray! There should be about eight new trees plus a couple of dead ones replaced.

Taylor Wimpey will also be planting some more trees at the bottom of mount pleasant hill, where, following our complaint to hackney enforcement (see: taylor-wimpey-breach, lathams-yard Sept update, lathams-yard nov update), the sales office and car park have now been removed and the landscaping is now under way.

In November, we did a post (lighting-millfields-friendship-tree) on how British Waterways and Hackney had sorted out the bat friendly lighting on the towpath under lea bridge following our request, and how we were now going to try to get the Friendship Tree sculture lighting fixed. We're please to say, Taylor Wimpey have confirmed they'll also be sorting this out as part of the current batch of work.

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