Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Outcome of the Millfields Improvements Works consultation published

Back in July, the Council launched a consultation on its proposals for improvement works to Millfields.

Following the closure of the consultation period, the Council has now published the results of the consultation which can be found at here.

It confirms that:
  • the most popular design for improving the play area in north millfields was Option 5 and that the designers of this option will be appointed;
  • the ideas put forward for how the paddling pool area could be improved - including more seating/communal areas and some water play element. The Council says it is working on designs for the paddling pool area, and incorporating the views given;
  • whether the railings around the ‘village green’ in Millfields south (near the old Lodge building and next to the basketball and tennis courts) should stay as it is? Leaving the railings in place was the most popular choice  - so it will remain in place around the grassed area. We did a posting last year about why the proposal to have the railings removed was flawed, so we're pleased to see they will remain!