Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Council announces new consultation group for Millfields programme of works

Following the Leabridge Ward Forum on 3rd February, Hackney Council has issued a note confirming there's to be a new consultation group to provide input into the programme of works to be undertaken this year. Membership of the group is shown at the bottom of this posting. As you'll see, membership has been heavily weighted towards local councillors.

We're pleased local councillors are starting to take an active interest in millfields, but we are concerned the consultation group meeting are to be closed. Our view (in the same way that we've argued against millfields user group having a ridiculous committee structure deliberately designed to exclude) is that in the interests of democracy, transparency and inclusion, all meetings relating to millfields should be open to all local residents.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Millfields programme of works to get underway

Very interesting and constructive Leabridge Ward Forum  this evening, where Ian Holland, Head of Parks, attended to outline the programme of works planned for Millfields this year. All three leabridge councillors attended and Cllr Kelly took turns to chair.

Residents were given plenty of opportunity to have their say and some really helpful outcomes agreed to consider addressing the areas where significant concerns were raised. Hopefully a formal note of the actions will follow setting these out (if not we'll do a posting on what we understood these were).

In the meantime, please see below the documents circulated at the meeting outlining the projects planned.