Monday, 21 September 2015

National grid layby to be removed from South Milfields

Some millfields news:

"On the 28th September, the layby will be removed from Millfields. The work will involve the following:

·         The railings from Hillstowe Street to the National Grid site will be removed.
·         The two metals posts at the Hillstowe Street entrance will be removed and replaced with two fixed, black, cast iron bollards to match existing.
·         The railings and concrete haunching on the opposite side of the road from the layby will be removed. The fenced off area railings will not be affected.
·         The area where the haunching has been removed from will be made good with soil, top soil and seeded or turfed. There will be a small slope up to the level of the road. The existing kerb will be lowered so that it is not higher than 50mm above the road surface.
·         The layby kerb, macadam surface and base will be removed
·         The area where the layby has been removed will be filled with soil, top soil (600mm) and seeded or turfed. A new kerb (under 50mm) will be installed.
·         The old footpath will be removed from Hillstowe Street up to the National Grid site.
·         The four lamp columns that currently light the footpath will be moved to the new kerb line.

It is estimated that the work will take four weeks."

turning back the clocks - 21 october - daubeney gardens

Join Stories in the Round along with Daubeney Gardens for an evening of sharing tales about the Old East End and the way things used to be.

Everyone is welcome to come tell a story or just to listen.

It's a free evening, set to be outside around a fire (weather permitting) in a beautiful community garden. Please share widely!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Strike a Pose: Portraits from a Hackney Photo Studio

Strike a Pose: Portraits from a Hackney Photo Studio from Hackney Museum on Vimeo.

R.A. Gibson's photography studio in Clapton captured the changing faces of Hackney since the 1950s until it closed in 2013.

This short film shares some of the stories behind the photographs which featured in the exhibition, 'Strike a Pose: Portraits from a Hackney Photo' at Hackney Museum (1 October 2014-17 January 2015)

The unique exhibition showed the many faces of Hackney during the 1970s. It included wedding parties outside Hackney Town Hall from African, Asian and Caribbean families; studio portraits of nurses from the Caribbean in their uniforms; family portraits at home; university graduations and the fashion and styles of the decade.