Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What does Hackney Life mean to you?

 Message from Hackney Life, Mosiac Films about a project being run in partnership with Hackney Museum and Archives as part of their "Mapping The Change" Project: 

Show the world what the real Hackney is like: record your view of the area and upload it via YouTube for the chance to be part of a film that will be screened during summer 2012.

This film is all about exploring what’s unique about life in Hackney today, and the only people who can really do that is YOU, the Hackney community.

Film your contribution and submit it by midnight on 12th March


  1. Fine if broad and inclusive of the real diversity of the "Hackney Community", and not just yielding to the apparently prevalent need to pander to middle class parents and their kids of which we already have an inordinate amount of foootage in any recent Clapton community events recorded.

    How do you propose to access the "you" i.e the Hackney community you refer to? I suggest that it would be worthwhile acknowledging that it is not possible to access the true richness of this unique diverse community by simply requesting a recording of an individual view uploaded via You Tube.

  2. i don't think it's just aimed at children and i'm sure they are intending to try to capture as much of hackney's wonderful diversity as possible. there are already some films uploaded so do take a look. at


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