Sunday, 26 February 2012

Save Leyton Marsh meeting 27 February

the Save Leyton Marsh campaigners are meeting again tomorrow (Monday 27th Feb) 7-9pm to discuss the next steps in the campaign. Venue: Hare and Hound, 278-282 Lea Bridge Road (opp Blyth Rd) E10 7LD


  1. Any update on this?

  2. apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this. although the diggers are now going in, the fight continues. below is an email from katy andrews re:new email group which will enable you to keep in touch with all of the developments.

    There is a new email group for those opposed to the Porter's Field meadow basketball halls development. This will enable us all to communicate by email directly to each other. Please apss this information on to groups you are in contact with and invite their members to join if they are interested.

    You can join the list by sending an email to


    If you know of anybody else that you feel needs to be added, please pass this message to them and let them know the email address to subscribe.
    Donations are weldome too! as the group is pursuing legal action, which will cost some money!

    If anyone is having continued difficulty joining up to the group, please email


    and ask to be passed on to the moderator for your details to be added directly.



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