Monday, 28 November 2011

Lighting Winter Nights in Millfields

Excellent news.  British Waterway's responded quickly to our campaign to get the lights on the riverside walkway under Lea Bridge working. Local resident Alice (@Alicebijou) was first to spot they'd come on this evening and twittered enthusiastically how they'd transformed the area (thanks Alice for the heads-up).

Our next campaign is to restore the lighting scheme for the 'Friendship Tree Sculpture' by the towpath on north Millfields. This public art work was commissioned as part of a range of environmental enhancements promised when the  Latham's Yard development was approved by Hackney Planning Committee.

Children from Southwold Primary School worked with Free Form Arts Trust to develop the concept (more detail can be found at: Friendship Tree Sculpture )

The strong responses of local people range from delight to dislike -a marmite tree!

We like the (admittedly harsh) contrast between the abstract silhouette of rusted bent metal sheets contrasted against the natural setting  of the plane trees of Millfields. This seems to to us make even more sense in winter when the trees are now so bare.

Like the Lea Bridge walkway handrail, the lighting was installed, but has (as far as we know) never worked. We've written to the developers Wimpey to ask them to rectify this. We'll let you know how we get on.

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