Sunday, 30 January 2011

National Grid: October minutes

Only just noticed the minutes from October National Grid meeting were posted on the We Love Millfields facebook page: National Grid October meeting.
Things don't seem to have moved on much so thought worth noting here.


  1. I thought it was interesting that Martin Kinsey, the NG project manager, advised that, 'until National Grid has exhausted all investigations into route 4, it can’t consider whether there is a case to apply for planning permission for routes 8 or 9 and expect to succeed.'

  2. It is important to bear in mind that 5 years ago NG did not engage in any "consultation" process with the community prior to constructing a wide tarmac road with iron fencing through South Millfields, thus bisecting and uglifying a hitherto attractive section of parkland. This, NG stated, was to facilitate a "major upgrading project 2005 - 2010" at its Hackney site.

    Unfortunately also, with a complete disregard for the major impact on residents, it transformed a small narrow residential cul de sac into an access route to its substation for major construction traffic (up to and occasionally exceeding 1000 vehicles per week).

    Hackney Council appear to have been complicit in facilitating NG. in the devious pursuit of its agenda to the detriment of the park and affected residents.

    No consultation 2005 and it would appear a sham consultation 2010...


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