Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Essex Wharf: Waltham Forest approve four 5-7 storey residential blocks

Last night Waltham Forest approved the dreadful Essex Wharf development (3rd application - 124 residential units in 4 blocks of 5-7 storeys) outlined in the previous posting. Despite an excellent campaign against the development by a wide range of interested groups, a large turn out on the evening (standing room only in the gallery) and a range excellent of speakers on why this development is completely inappropriate for this site, approval was already a done deal.

Some more comments on the meeting can be found at:

Waltham Forest Guardian article:

Does anyone have a sense of:-

(a) how likely it is that Lee Valley Regional Park Authority will refer the matter to the Secretary of State under the statutory powers of the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966? (Although the Park Authority spoke against the development at the meeting, it weakened the argument that the authority had sold part of the land to the developers.)

(b) whether the public inquiry into the second application (167 residential units in 3 blocks of 7 seven storeys) will proceed. I'm not sure if the public inquiry was just a bargaining tool to get the 2nd application through, or, having now established WF will accept 124 residential units, the greedy developers will continue to press for even more units to be squeezed onto this site.

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  1. Waltham Forest Guardian says Lee Valley Park Authority will refer the planning application to Secretary of State:


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