Sunday, 30 January 2011

Former school building in Waterworks Lane

Anyone know if there are any plans to make use of the former school building in Waterworks Lane? It is, we think, the only listed building in the Leabridge conservation area and is mid C19 tudor style. Unfortunately, this building is identified by English Heritage on their Buildings at Risk Register. It formed part of the Paradise Park development and some repair work was done on it, but work seems to have stalled. There was talk of a local museum or educational facility. If anyone knows more, please do leave a comment. Sad to see it left so neglected!


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  2. Yes, these guys...

  3. Cheers Euan for the steer. Website seems to be under construction, but found more detail at: Hackney Citizen article about the

    Loks as if the Trsut to be able to turn it into a Riverside Heritage and Arts Centre.


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