Friday, 7 January 2011

MUG Annual General Meeting

MUG is having its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 10 February. The venue is the Nye Bevan Community Hall, Overbury Street, E5 0AH. There will be refreshments from 7pm, with the meeting starting at 7.30pm.
It should include updates on the Masterplan, the National Grid alternative route through the park (in the unlikely case that  NG have done anything which could even loosely be termed as “progress”) and details on the new communications strategy, including the MUG website.
It will also be voting the appointment of this year’s Committee, including the Chair and Secretary positions – so its really important as many people as possible turn out to show their support and have their say on what they want to happen with the park.  
Sadly, Brian Weller has decided to step down this year as Secretary. Although this blog has disagreed with Brian on some of the issues relating to the park, it does think he’ll be an extremely hard / impossible act to follow as Secretary. Not sure if his mind is completely made up – if you’d like to encourage him to stay on, his email address is:

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