Thursday, 3 October 2013

millfields folly


Mabley Green Users Group campaign to turn the green space in Homerton into the world's largest 'edible park'
London Fields users get to enjoy Hackney's  largest wildflower meadow (full of beautiful flowers, providing a rich habitat for insects and birds)


Clissold Park users compete to win the national People's Park Award given to the most Green Flag park in the country.

So what are Millfields Users Group Committee campaigning for? They're campaigning to save Hackney parks largest concrete eyesore - the abandoned paddling pool.

Millfields Users Group Committee (12 members) say "we all agreed that the paddling pool area on Millfields should not be dug up". 

Ignoring the commitment it previously gave to MUG members (300 plus, apparently) to include a green option in proposals for the space, MUG Committee seem to banking on Clapton's gentrification to eventually find local support for its folly. It says "the population locally is changing rapidly - new users may have new ideas on how to best use the space". Hmmm ... which seems to be code for: let's ignore current park users who don't agree with us and bank on future ghost users supporting us. 
The MUG committee state removing the concrete "would be a waste of limited money", but we understand they're still pushing the idea of a granite piazza. We look forward to seeing the costings for that!

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