Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lea Bridge Road Crossing scheme - consultation

Hackney Council are doing a consultation on a proposal for a new Toucan (signal controlled pedestrian and cycle) crossing on Lea Bridge Road by the Princess of Wales pub. Leaflets appear to have gone to residents on the south of the road, but not to residents on the north, such as Latham's Yard, who will also be directly affected. It also doesn't appear to be on the Hackney website - so we've therefore re-produced it below. We will do a posting on our view of the the proposal shortly. The deadline for responding is Friday 15 November.


  1. Is there an email address at the council we can use for comments?

  2. David, the address in the leaflet is info@hackney.gov.uk.
    This isn't on the LBH consultation datatabase (https://www.engagespace.co.uk/engage/hackney). Wish they'd get these things right.

    However ... It looks useful. Should reduce crowding under the bridge and disperse some south Millfields park cycle traffic from the diagonal onto the north-south path. Also some people may prefer it as a night-time crossing to going under the bridge. Since this scheme was first mooted the underbridge footpath has been widened and lighting added, but these arguments still apply I think.

    The 2nd crossing point at the Chatsworth Rd junction, and moving the eastbound bus stop towards it, are good ideas too.


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