Thursday, 24 October 2013

Marshman Cometh - Saturday 26th October

Emailed received from the Marshman Chronicles:

Love candles? Love books? Love the fear of being eaten by bears?

Then here’s a little free event that might be of interest... if you happen to be in London on the evening of the 26th October...

I’m going to be reading from my forthcoming book Marshland on the marshes, along with local poet Sam Berkson, author of Life in Transit who’ll perform a selection of his poems.

It’s going to be a candlelit affair, spooky and romantic. We may even hear the munching of bears as they come out from their hiding place to feed on crows and... um... people.

If you want to come along, meet Saturday 26th October at 7pm by the old changing rooms on North Marsh, opposite Cow Bridge (the bright green one). If searching on a map, the closest landmark is the Hackney Marshes entrance to the Middlesex Filter Beds which is a 1 minute walk away.

After the reading, we can all go to the pub to get warm with booze.

Here’s the Facebook page with more details: My Face, Your Book

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