Saturday, 18 December 2010

National Grid fencing

National Grid are finally taking down the ugly green fencing around the sub-station that has intruded into the park (due to be finished Tuesday).  Good of course that some of the trees that had been within the site boundary are back in the park. Not sure it is, as National Grid claim, "restoring this area to the parkland" given it effectively extends the road that runs from Hillstowe Street so that it goes right through to Millfields Road.


  1. Having brought down the hoardings, the issue of screening the eyesore which is NG remains an immediate issue. NG have ruled out "living walls" on security grounds (it says people would be able to climb up them) so this isn't going to happen. Lylandi planting seems to be the best, quickest long term solution. We must screen this monstrosity and integrate as best as possible into the parkscape! Wendy

  2. Michael, the road was there at pretty much that width before the works started. NG have just put it back. You can see its original line from the lamp posts. NG asked MUG whether to keep the new diagonal path and perhaps we missed a trick in not asking for the old 'road' to be restored in a narrower line.

    On Saturday I noticed that there were building materials (fence panels?) stacked under the tree canopy, contrary to construction guidance for protecting trees. In your first photo you can see a worker moving them. As you may remember NG contractors built a hardcore path over the tree roots and we had to ask them to obey the construction standard. Seems it didn't sink in. That photo may be useful in a few years if the tree show signs of root damage.

    There were a few young trees near the wall, which NG have cut down so they owe us for those.


  3. Cheers Tim. Very helpful. No doubt it will be discussed at the next MUG Committee meeting. I'll email you the photo - i hope it won't be needed.


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