Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mapping sustainable communities in Hackney

 More info on UCL’s Mapping sustainable communities in Hackney project. There’s also a link in the list of websites below to the Justice in the Green website. It includes more information, reports and short films on the work undertaken in Millfields in 2008 and 2009 so do take a look. 

Matthew Wood-Hill, Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, MSc Environment and Sustainable Development, Development Planning Unit, UCL:
“Previously the students' work has been structured according to specific areas in and around E5. This year the project has taken an interesting turn, using a more thematic approach to how the Marshes and other green spaces in the vicinity are being used. The six themes being addressed by individual student groups are:
  • Creative Arts Expression;
  • Unstructured Play;
  • Collective Sports;
  • Cultivating Spaces;
  • Being with Nature; and
  • Moving through Nature.
As with previous years we are examining as the key concept the potential for the creation 'environmental justice' in the area in relation to these themes. The groups have specific community organisations with whom they are encouraged to work with in their research, and we hope that the emphasis on a theme rather than a geographical areas can provide the chance to look at broader linages between the different themes, and how they conflict/interact with each other.  

We can now confirm the date and place of the student's presentations of the work they have been doing over the past couple of months. The event will take place in the Wally Foster Community Centre, just off Mabley Green, between 10am and 4pm on Friday 14th January. I'll update you again when we have more information (such as, for example, when each specific student group will be presenting). The invitation is extended to all members of the community and local residents, so you are more than welcome to attend and to publicise this on your blog if you wish. We hope to run another event or exhibition that will be far more community rather than student-oriented sometime in February.”

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