Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Name That Landmark


Message from UCL Development Planning Unit students: 

Name That Landmark

We need U to help us rename sites and spots within the Hackney Marshes and surrouding green spaces.
Join us on Sat 8 Jan 2011
for a “mis-guided” walk + mapping workshop.

Meet 10am St Mary of Eton Church Hall, Eastway E9. From there we will divide into 3 groups, and walk (1-2 hrs) around the Hackney Marshes, and surrounding green spaces, re-naming landmarks and sites personal to U. We will reconvene at the St Mary of Eton Church Hall + re-write the map according to our findings.

Sat 8 Jan 2011

10am – 4pm

St Mary of Eton Church Hall, Eastway, E9

We are a team of DPU students conducting research for Justice in the Green, with a focus on the Creative Arts. The resulting map will be presented at the Hackney Wick Community Hall, Jan 24th, and be available online.

DPU. Justice in the Green. UCL, 2011

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