Sunday, 14 April 2013

Using green spaces to promote health and well-being for all

Below is a copy of an email we received from the chair of Springfield Park Users Group about feasibility study underway at the park.  The Council's tender documents make the case for the importance of our green spaces for promoting health and well being for all:
  • 32% of the population are 15 or younger;
  • 24% of year six pupils in Hackney are obese;
  • mental health admissions to hospitals in Hackney are 28% higher in Hackney than the English average; and
  • premature death from cardio vascular disease is 45% higher than the English average.

They also reinforce our belief that Hackney Council should abandon its plans to close Hackney Marshes for a large chunk of summer school holidays every year for three major events.

Email received from the Springfield Park Users Group 

MTW Consultants have been hired by the council to conduct a feasibility study for the buildings in Springfield Park: the Mansion, the Stables, and the Glasshouse.

Come meet the the consultants and share your views on
Wednesday 24 April at 4:30 pm in Park cafe.

A copy of the tender document outlining the consultants' brief is attached here.

Springfield Park Feasibility Study Brief 

Appendix 1: Springfield Park Vision

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