Saturday, 27 April 2013

floodlighting walthamstow marshes

The Lea marshes are under unprecedented attack at the moment on a number of fronts, threatening their survival as East London green lung. One of these attacks is the floodlighting of Walthamstow marshes.
New industrial units, adjacent to Walthamstow Marsh nature reserve (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) have recently been completed at East 10 Enterprise, Argall Way, Leyton (replacing ones destroyed in a fire back in 2004). 
The site includes no street lighting. Instead, each of the units has had a floodlight attached. Since their completion, they been floodlighting the nature reserve from around 8pm each evening through the night and is clearly visible from the Clapton side of the lea marshes.

This excessive lighting is not only causing light pollution and wasting energy, but is also adversely impacting on the nature reserve by affecting the activity rhythms of both plants and animals, in particular bats.

We've reported to Waltham Forest who've advised that the lighting did not feature in the planning application and are investigating whether it constitutes permitted development. 
Our view is that the lighting has changed the external appearance of the building and does, therefore, constitute development. Waltham Forest council has also agreed to investigate it as a case of light pollution. We'll let you know when we hear back.

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