Saturday, 28 April 2012

still time to save the Ship Aground

The Planning Service have advised that the number of objections to the Ship Aground planning application are such that the application will go to the Planning Sub Committee for determination on 7th June. 

It is not too late to object: the Planning Service are required to accept and consider all comments received up until the time the application is formally determined. The Planning Service have confirmed letters of objection received after the 21 day period mentioned in the site notices will be given exactly the same consideration as those received within that period.


  1. That's good news.
    But I'm a bit confused: Will both Applications
    (2012/0380 + 2012/0325) be referred to Sub-Committee?
    If it is only 2012/0325 what is the status of 2012/0380?
    How do we get updates from Planning on this?

  2. Radleys boatyard was in business from the middle 1850s. Not sure whether there was a previous boat business on the site. Clive Radley

  3. Many thanks Clive - there's a local initiative looking at the history of the lea bridge area called "The View From the Bridge" which is currently in draft form and will be published over the coming months - will make sure we get a copy to you.


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