Tuesday, 10 April 2012

the black path: it ain't broke!

Back in September last year, we posted an item about the ill-thought through MUG committee decision to  to institute for a shared pedestrian and cycle route on the Black Path in south Millfields.

Hackney have now confirmed work on this half-baked proposal will begin tomorrow. None of the flaws in the proposal (such as not burning off the two-tone surfacing) have been addressed.

Chris Proctor from Hackney's Traffic Management Team has been clear that the scheme is nothing to do with his department and it will only be undertaking the work to remove the white lines on instruction from Hackney parks dept and MUG Committee.

The only other (as far as we know) park in Hackney with a segregated pathway is London Fields. An assessment of that pathway (London Fields Shared Use) found it worked extremely well and we are far from convinced there is a problem with Millfields' path.

We think these changes are bad for pedestrians, cyclists, people with hearing loss or mobility difficulties and for dogs.


    Work started today on stripping markings from the Black/Cycle Path.
    Since there was no prior information given, as straw poll of users - both pedestrians and cyclists - today revealed that most/if not all believed that the purpose of the work related to much needed re-surfacing of the Path.
    All, without exception were aghast to learn this was not the case.Rather,it is to create a so called "Shared Use Concept".They believed the present shared system worked very well for all and wondered why since IT CERTAINLY AIN'T BROKE,WHAT ON EARTH NEEDS FIXING?
    More importantly, why on earth is Hackney Council Parks Department expending this money so unnecessarily in pursuing this user unfriendly "project"
    Perhaps someone from Parks Department might care to comment?

  2. Having read the London Fields Shared Use Assessment, carried out for LBH b Atkins on 3/2/2010, it is even more disconcerting that Hackney Parks Department has decided to de-segregrate South Millfields regardless of Atkins' Summary Assessment.
    I agree, it would be most helpful if Hackney Parks Department would offer some comment/explanation.

  3. I cycle down this path everyday and what used to be a clear and safe division of use, has now become very confusing. Yesterday evening on the way home i had a militant pedestrian deliberately veering into my path while shouting something about 'pedestrian priority'.

    The removal of the markings is a change for the worse.

  4. They're removing the markings, not putting them in? The clear delineation seems to work really well in London Fields, as it does in Germany and the Netherlands...

    Everyone knows - quite literally - where they stand. It encourages use of this green space as a commuter route too because cyclists know they can get from A to B safely.

  5. 100% agree with all the above. I cycle to and from work in Clerkenwell every day and it was a relief to reach Millfields and know exactly where to cycle, for both my safety and other commuters. It works wonderfully in London fields and worked perfectly in Millfields too.

    With an open space it was vital to have this division for the safety of all - especially for children who know not stray onto the green path.

    Changing this has made it confusing and dangerous for all involved. So much for positive thinking towards using bikes.


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