Monday, 16 January 2012

olympic development on leyton marsh

The application to build the Olympic training basketball courts on leyton marsh includes no accurate pictures showing the scale of it and and the impact it would have on the marsh if planning permission is given.  We have therefore produced a series of pictures to give you a better idea of its excessive scale. 

google earth montage:

view from the footbridge:

view from the south-west:

view from the north-west corner:


  1. Excellent, very informative blogsite.

    Thank you.

  2. Everything about this application reeks of expediency.Aside from the fact that Planning documents were dated 13/12/2011, how disingenuous of the Applicant(ODA/2012) to further believe that Joe Public, so bamboozled by the minutia of detail and indecipherable drawings/representations, will simply give up.
    So thank you so much for deciphering them and putting them into perspective. It's certainly much worse than could have been imagined when we were trying to make sense of the Application and drawings contained therein.
    It can only be hoped that your excellent work has the widest possible coverage prior to the WF Plannning meeting on February 7th.
    GOOD ON YOU! Dave.


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