Sunday, 29 January 2012

Demonstration WF Planning Committee Meeting 7 February

 (updated 5 Feb)

From the New Lammas Lands Defence Committee:

From the Don't Be Harsh, Save The Marsh! facebook folk:


  1. For action and comprehensive details in opposing this, refer to New Lammas Lands Defense Committee website. They are leading in this.

  2. Well done to the New Lammas Lands Defence Committee for taking a lead on this; and to the many others who have taken their own independent action. It's great to see a network of established bodies and new individuals/groups come together around issues of common concern.

    However, some organizations you would normally expect to be leading the campaign have been slow off the mark or have already swallowed the 'Olympic legacy' argument hook line and sinker; or are they perhaps just worn down by the whole Olympics juggernaut?

    The role of the LVRPA also needs to be challenged (whatever Waltham Forest decides): As long as enough Olympic money and kudos is dangled in front of them, they seem willing to strip any natural asset and rent out the park for ‘temporary’ development acre by acre: They've lost sight of their proper remit and become the Lea Valley Olympic Park Development Authority.

    The Borough representatives who sit on the committees and boards of the LVRPA (and the Boroughs that help fund it) need to ask who they represent: Us. And in who’s name the Park is held in trust: Ours.

  3. Yes, do check out the NLLDC website and also those of the other groups all working hard to play their part (including LVF, Don't Be Harsh, Save The Marsh!, Camp in London, Save Lea Marsh, etc). Links at bottom of page.

  4. And I say, WELL DONE MILLFIELDS BLOG for its early postings of OBJECTIONS and thereafter, VISUALS as to how this will really affect us.
    There has been a great uptake/viewership of this issue, both on the blog and through Twitter and it's terrific that now all groups are working together to stop this travesty.
    I certainly take all the above comments on board: unfortunately, in an ideal world we wouldn't be having this conversation.Alas, this is the "Olympic Legacy" and all associated "dangled" monies. SO SAD.


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