Monday, 9 May 2011

Update on National Grid's London Cable Tunnel Project

Following leaflet National Grid's recent (confusing) leaflet on its reinforcement project, it was distributed the following letter to a smaller number of households living near Millfields. 

In the earlier leaflet, NG indicated that the exhibition it will be holding on Tuesday 17 May was about how we (the public) could have our say on the proposals and options. The NG website talks about a consultation process going on inot the Autumn.

What was not made clear earlier in the earlier leaflet or NG's website is that:

  • work on the cable tunnel project will begin this June. There's no details provided on how the debris from tunnelling will be remove from the site or an calcualtion of the impact on local residents;
  • The letter also indicates that the event on the 17th May will also display the outcome of NG's extensive and flawed consultation for an alternative route through the park.

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  1. In a set of meeting notes from 28/10/10, NG's own project Martin Kinsey said that :

    'Until National Grid has exhausted all investigations into route 4, it can’t consider whether there is a case to apply for planning permission for routes 8 or 9 and expect to succeed.'

    It will be interesting to see if they are holding to that position.


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