Sunday, 15 May 2011


National Grid's cynicism seemingly knows no bounds. After 5 years of misery and disruption inflicted on, and forcibily endured by residents of Hillstowe Street during the upgrade of Hackney Substation, their lives (and properties) will again be blighted for at least another 5 years to accommodate National Grid's London Tunnels Project and subsequent North London Reinforcement Project.

Despite 2 flawed public consultations to identify an ALTERNATE route to that of Hillstowe Street during these projects, and innumerable time consuming - and as it turns out time wasting - meetings with residents to resolve this problem, the outcome of National Grid's "considerations" is now in. No surprise, residents have again been betrayed by National Grid!

National Grid's two chosen Access Routes - both completely inappropriate - and indeed contradictory to the result of the second consultation are:-

1. Route 4: along Millfields Road - although this is supposed to be the "Main Access Route", it will carry only Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs).

2. Route 10: along Hillstowe Street which will carry all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

In view of the Materials / Equipment / Plant to be transported to and from the site, Hillstowe Street will again bear the brunt of this traffic.

We wish it could be said that the "Consultation" at Nye Bevan on May 17th will shed any light or hope on this scandalous situation. It won't, because it's yet, and has been, another DONE DEAL!

It remains another explained mystery as to why planning permission was not sought for a TEMPORARY ALTERNATE ACCESS (using Route 8) was not pursued nor applied for.

More details to follow shortly.


  1. I doubt that Nat.Grid. would have been allowed to transform a narrow residential cul de sac into an access route for heavy industrial traffic in any other borough in the UK except Hackney and get away with it.

    I really feel for the unfortunate residents of Hillstowe, who having already been exploited by Nat.Grid. for 5 years are now facing this scenario on an ongoing basis after what was clearly a sham consultation.

    It hardly seems credible....!!

    James Mills

  2. Hackney Council tends to listen to local ward councillors. Does Hillstowe Street not have an assigned local ward councillor who could have genuinely supported them in their David and Goliath battle to persuade National Grid (and Hackney Council to exert some leverage) to find an alternative access (and there clearly are viable alternative options) get its heavy industrial traffic off minor residential roads.

  3. Excellent informative blog and tweet...

    Sad to hear Linda Kelly has defected to Tories..

    Of the three Leabridge Ward councillors, she and Cllr. Oguzkanli, would appear to be less motivated by self promotion than by a genuine engagement with the real acute needs of their constituents.


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