Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Well that didn't hurt, did it?

Don't you feel better for sharing with the group? 

Millfields Users Group: Project priorities and National Grid rent: "From our LBH Parks Development Officer, Bruce Irving 'Millfields MasterplanThe Millfields Park User group identified a number of projects fr..."


  1. £34k sounds like a tiny amount of money for a large area of high-value park ground, particularly when you consider that National Grid made £1bn profit in the first half of last year.

  2. It would be good if some of this substantial profit could be allocated to screening the substation and restoring South Millfields to parkland by getting rid of the hideous wide tarmac road and railings which currently bisect the park (constructed 5 years ago with the "assurance" that it would be removed in 2010 on completion of "a major upgrading project")

  3. Few park lovers will be aware of the recent MUG AGM to elect a new committee - some brief details on this election are in an earlier label on this site- at which the most bizarre voting scenario facilitated by MUG chair, Cllr. Ian Rathbone unfolded...

    MUG, set up in 2008, is the group "recognised by Hackney council to represent the interests of the users of Millfields Park" This bestows an inordinate amount of power which, in practice since its existence, evidence suggests, has been exercised by a tiny unrepresentatine and exclusive minority, within the MUG committee without reference to the local diverse community.
    It would have been been good if the AGM could have heralded a new departure by giving some hope that genuine openess, transparency and accountability would prevail.
    Our beautiful park should not be the preserve of a tiny few.

    Surely any community group recognised by the council should at least be expected to demonstrate some adherence to the principles of democracy. Clear and transparent voting procedures should be a fundamental element.
    Let us see some real openess,
    transparency and accountability.

  4. The amount of s106 from the Latham's Yard development for the upgrade of children’s play facilities in Millfields Recreation Ground was £150,000. Hackney says there's only £100,000 available for this. What has happened to the other £50k? It is shocking, given the millions of pounds Hackney has secured in s106 funding for developments overlooking Millfields that so little has been made available to the park. Another question for Cllr Rathbone, I think, to answer.


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