Monday, 28 February 2011

Hackney's biodiversity plan

We have been trying to find out how Millfields will feature in Hackney’s Biodiversity Action Plan. There’s useful background on the plans across Hackney at: 
It includes the Introduction to the Hackney Biodiversity Action Plan 2011-2016, (copied here for ease of reference Intro to Hackney BAP)
There are opportunities for people to get involved via the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership (HBP) which is working with the council to develop a Hackney Biodviersity Action Plan; provide local expertise about parks and wildlife sites; take part in biodiversity project and events. Again the minutes for these meetings on Hackney’s website. Kate Mitchell, Biodiversity Officer for Hackney has helpfully advised us the Biodiversity Action Plan will go to public consultation within the next couple of weeks for 8 weeks. In advance of that, if you want to see the draft, we’re sure she’ll be happy to share this with you at:

Kate also advised she was meeting with MUG committee this evening to discuss the “final” plans for the Millfields Biodiversity Project which is being funded by from the S106 (planning obligations) funding from the Paradise Park development (see earlier posting for details on this).  It’s very concerning the plans are being finalised without MUG members being sent and adequately consulted on the details of the plans. 
£12k of the £50k of s106 funding available was spent on a Millfields Recreation Ground habitat survey and a review of future management options  and draft 5 year work plan.  The work was undertaken by London Wildlife Trust which reported in October 2010. It’s a really interesting, comprehensive report and its strange this has never been shared with MUG members. A presentation was given at last month’s MUG AGM on biodiversity but very little of the contents of the report were captured in this - including the draft 5 year plan. If the MUG Committee decide not to make the report generally available – we will publish it here as it ought to be in the public domain. MUG members must be consulted properly before any plans are finalised.


  1. It was good news for Millfields that as a result of s106 planning obligations on Vision Homes Development (new high rise development overlooking South Millfields Park completed early 2010) that £50,000, albeit a relatively paltry amount, was specifically assigned to work associated with mitigating the detriment to the biodiversity of the park caused by this development....
    It is good that London Wildlife Trust, commissioned by Hackney council have undertaken a detailed ecological survey of Millfields and produced a 5 year action plan to maintain and enhance biodiversity on Millfields.
    It would be great if users of Millfields Park (not just certain members of MUG "committee") local community associations, Hackney Marshes Users Group (a users group which has done Trojan work to protect and enhance the marshes) and other interested local groups/individuals could be invited to share in this exciting project.

  2. The Millfields Users Group is organising a public meeting to discuss the survey and recommendations on 11th April. When the venue is set, I'll comment again.

  3. The meeting is set for Nye Bevan Hall Overton Street E5 at 7.30 on Monday 11th April. Everyone welcome.


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