Monday, 30 May 2016

'Busy Lea Bridge Was Once a Lonely Road'

                                   Unit K, 97 Lea Bridge Road, E10 7QL


  1. It was certainly busy in the late 1950s - I recall my father driving along it every working day - there were always queues at several pinch points especially at the Clapton end before the big roundabout was installed.

  2. I presume the building of Lea Bridge Road - apparently around 1750 effectively put High Hill Ferry out of business except for folk with business at The Ferry industrial area from Walthamstow or vice versa.

    I also suspect that certainly before the Clapton - Walthamstow railway connection, High Hill Ferry was itself at some times a place of RESORT for day trippers - somewhere described as a veritable Alsatia - though I am not sure whether that was due to its lawlessness similar to the "Alsatia" area of the City of London or because it was a poor man's resort compared to the original Alsatia on Swiss/German borders.

    I wonder whether all that will be revealed at the summer exhibition?


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