Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Latham's Yard trees

Following a long running email exchange we've had with Taylor Wimpey over the last couple of years, Latham's Yard green (by Harry Zeital Way) will be getting a few more trees planted later this week.That's the good news that builds on the successful efforts to get Taylor Wimpey to:-
  • plant some a few more trees on Latham's Yard green last year;
  • abandon its plans to retain the sales office and replace it with green space; and
  • fix the lighting on the Friendship Tree sculpture.
The bad news is that Taylor Wimpey will still have short changed local residents by failing to deliver the landscaping plans agreed as part of the development's planning consent.

Taylor Wimpey has two planning applications submitted to Hackney Council for Latham's Yard which have not yet been decided upon. It's not too late to submit comments should you wish to!

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