Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Leyton marsh: Spot the Deliberate Mistake!

To help spread the Olympic spirit, the ODA has just launched a brand new game for the local community to play:

Spot the Deliberate Mistake!  

If you'd like to play, the press the link:  ODA letter.  

The winner of the game will be the person who identifies the most deliberate or misleading errors in the attached letter and layout plan.


How many can you spot?


Answers on a postcard to the ODA.  

Scroll down to the bottom of the page reveal our 'starter for ten' .....

A few suggestions you might want to draw upon
1.       The area occupied by the ODA construction area is not the same as the drawing. The plan is wrong.
2.       The drawing shows an oblong area, but the actual fence line includes part of the two access roads from the Sandy path: and the wheel-washing equipment is located in one of these areas. The plan is wrong.
3.       There is, of course, no open public access to these areas and the plan is misleading. Where the public is or is not free to go must surely be crystal clear: It is not.
4.       The name ‘Leyton Marsh’ is placed over Walthamstow Marsh.
5.       Walthamstow Marsh (the cow enclosure) is a SSSI where access is to be discouraged/care taken.
6.       The plan states that Leyton Marsh (actually Walthamstow Marsh) is a playing field: It is not. It is open space land.
7.  The plans shows a vehicle access route ‘open to public access’. Parts of theses areas are fenced in and not open to public access. Many of the disputes have arisen in these areas. 

8.       The use of the term ‘open to public access’ in relation to the sandy path and the two site accesses is misleading. These areas are in fact part of the open space and they should be open and free for all to enjoy for any normal open space activity (within the byelaws of the park): Free use of these spaces is actually very restricted. 
9.  The access route is in fact also a construction area, not just an access route, with JCB’s operating and digging, on the path and on the adjacent verge.


  1. Your criticism of substance concerns the phrase "open to public access" being used when referring to areas (basically the access routes) which are in fact now still construction areas though outside the main enclosure. As such these areas are inevitably not entirely open to public access until their construction is complete. This is a fair criticism to make: the ODA map is a somewhat idealised version representing how they intend things to be when the works are completed, and it is misleading of them to suggest those particular areas will be open to the public "throughout the works". However, apart from this I find your criticisms of their "mistakes" etc, trivial. The phrase "Leyton Marsh" in the top left corner is clearly the title they have given to the whole map, not intended to designate a particular area so named. The phrase "playing fields" still appears on many maps and is a historical residue of the time when there were playing fields in the area south of where Walthamstow Marsh starts. And so on. The area where the central construction rectangle is located on the map looks to me an accurate representation of where the actual rectangle is to be found on the terrain.

    Although it would have been much preferable not to have had even a temporary building on this much loved site, anyone walking round can quickly see that there is still an enormous amount of open space to be used and enjoyed and the altered view can surely be got used to quite quickly as a temporary restriction. The critical thing is that the temporary nature of the undertaking is strictly observed and that residents who inevitably have felt angry at what the Olympics have cost them, then work consistently and judiciously to keep pressure on the LVRPA to improve the way it carries out its role as the protector and guardian of this Metropolitan Open Land.

  2. I wonder who's bankrolling THAT comment?!


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