Saturday, 26 May 2012

a day in the life of millfields blog....

Kicked off the day with a walk over to lea bridge waterworks for breakfast and to read the papers. We liked the quirky homemade bird feeders someone has put up in the trees nearby.

Headed off to the Millfields Users Group's open air meeting (picking up a blog contributor en route). Meeting was v. constructive and the new found harmony was only disturbed by a sizable chunk of a nearby plane tree crashing to the ground mid-meeting.


As we went on to Leyton marsh, we  spotted a couple of guys heading into the river Lea (one with a backflip) for a swim to the Anchor and Hope. Our v. obvious health warnings fell on deaf ears and instead we were asked by one to hold his credit card so it didn't get wet.

Arrived at the Leyton Marsh to lend support to the "Enough is Enough" protest against the damage done to our common land - the Environment Agency has confirmed the waste soil pile will need to be treated as hazardous waste.
We checked out progress with the Princess of Wales' long overdue makeover. It's being undertaken by Geronimo Inns (which is part of Young's) who run the Crown, Victoria Park, Bow which bodes well. It should be reopened in a couple of weeks - with a new kitchen promising much improved food.

We then spotted a woman sun bathing with her pet rabbit, Coco, in north millfields. 

Photo courtesy of Coco's owner (twitter @didyouhearthat).
A new tri-table tennis arrived in north Millfields yesterday afternoon. The table is the work of the Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA). Not sure how long it will be there for so do check out. 
We love living by Millfields!

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  1. Thanks for sharing day's journal.

    Good to hear that at last there is some official acknowledgement of the very real existence of hazardous waste on Leyton Marsh...

    You mention attending a MUG meeting. My partner and I no longer go to these meetings, having become deeply disillusioned by how these v. infrequent "open meetings" are conducted. It became clear to us that a small self appointed/chosen group have assumed the right to persuade Hackney Council to do their bidding in matters relating to Millfields Park, within a scenario where there is a complete lack of consultation with park users or directly affected local community/residents (a good example of the crafty construct of "localism" by the Tories ..we expect more than an expedient underwriting of this by Hackney Council! )....
    It appears that MUG might be on a learning curve.

    Is it possible to have some feedback from yesterday's meeting?

    Love pic of brave Coco.


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