Wednesday, 21 March 2012

essex wharf

Update (April): looks like construction hasn't yet started and that Network Rail has hired the site for use by their contractors Balfour Beatty for signalling work over several weekends. not sure it needs to be lit up like a football pitch - hardly friendly to bats or nesting birds.

 Looks like work has now commenced on Essex Wharf development.

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) were granted leave to bring a claim for Judicial Review and voted to do so. However, before the matter came to Court for judgment, the LVRPA appears to have done a deal with LB of Waltham Forest which resulted in the litigation being withdrawn (leaving each side to pay their own costs). So far, LVRPA have been less than forthcoming about the details of the 'arrangement'.


  1. is there any way we can see the development plans? I guess there was already a building there, so the are building on a brownfild site. I am more concerned about the density. Millfields is already well used, and there will be another 200 plus people living there. Will the blocks be very high ans ruin the feeling of open space?

  2. Hi - you can view the plans on the Waltham Forest website if you go on to the planning portal and search using application number 2010/0934. We you cut and paste the link below into your web browser if should also take you to it.

  3. What is happening with this development. The site is being cleared but I cant find information about what is going to be built on the site. I appreciate that it is brown field but I am concerned about density and the height of the new buildings, especially as there is currently a beautiful vista with trees.


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