Friday, 2 September 2011

Millfields north riverside entrance is getting a makeover


  1. Hi Paul, Hackney was successful in a bid for the Walk London funding and the Parks Maintenance team is undertaking repairs and tidying up the eastern end of the northern boundary path closest to waterfront. Hackney also has some s106 funding left to do the part of the path nearest Casimir Road and to patch up the bits of the path which are in a particularly bad state (which you’ll know well if you cycle through that way). It says it doesn’t have funding to repair/ replace all of the path.

    However, Hackney does have funding for a completely new path through South Millfields by the orchard. This is from TfL funding for sustainable transport improvements and it is, Hackney says “intended to be spent on creating new greenway routes through hence this route was identified. The issue with path along the northern boundary is really a maintenance issue and therefore in an ideal world should be dealt with using the Parks maintenance budget.”


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