Sunday, 3 July 2011

The road to Jeremy's ferry

We were chatting to a Lea Bridge neighbour recently who'd lived in the area for several decades and knows several  elderly neighbours who'd lived here all of their lives. He had some wonderful stories to tell of his and their experiences living here and how the area had changed over the years. It got us to thinking about whether anyone had tried to capture these oral histories for Clapton and, if they hadn't, wouldn't it be a great project to undertake. A quick search of the internet and we uncovered this really interesting booklet on the oral history of “Leyton Gateway” Lea Bridge Road : The road to Jeremy's Ferry
(look under the book section).  Jeremy's ferry operated in the early 1700s from the present crossing place of the river at Lea Bridge. If you know of any Clapton oral history collections - please do let us know.

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