Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Masterplan: Update on play area in North Millfields

Still awaiting an updated Masterplan map of Millfields from Hackney which takes on board the comments of the Millfields Users' Group and local residents. In the original version, which is posted on the Masterplan page of this blog, there were two natural play areas envisaged, one in North Millfields and one in South Millfields. A bit of an upper / lower Clapton divide if you ask me - you wouldn't guess it was one park. Anyway, both proposed sites attracted criticism and the funding that was earmarked for both seemed to disappear. I think, the latest plan is to have one site on South Millfields in a site which still is attracting criticism. Not sure why it can't be placed in the orchard, near the river where the mature planes are - this would seem a more appropriate setting for a 'natural' play area.

Whilst we await a new map - I've attached below an update from Hackney on the play area in North Millfields which the Council has confirmed it has funding to improve and will be consulting residents on.


  1. Surely, it doesn't take a long, complicated consultation to agree that the very tired children's park in North Millfields needs refurbishing.

    It's well used, in a nice spot and just needs some new equipment and a lick of paint for the scary-looking toilet block.

    I've been taking my daughter there for 5 years and it hasn't changed a jot. I wonder if she ever will see an upgrade there...?

    Can we learn from Hackney Downs who don't seem to have these problems with funding/planning/consultation processes?

  2. yes - a little less conversation, a little more action...


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