Thursday, 22 October 2015

millfields matters

Update received from Sam Perry, Parks Development Manager:


We will be ordering the Neo bench for the park. It is from our current supplier Furnitubes, and matches benches due to be installed in Woodberry Downs and Stonebridge Gardens. We need to ensure that any furniture can be quickly and easily replaced and/or repaired. Current bases will be repaired with tarmac. We anticipate these being installed in January.


We will be ordering 13 recycling bins for the park. These will be installed in January.

Play area surfacing

We will be installing hoggin in the play area around the tree roots. Whilst hoggin is not ideal for well used pathways, it is suitable as a boundary treatment, and has been chosen in this location with support from the Council’s Tree Officer. Hoggin allows movement of tree roots and is easier to repair than tarmac.

Notice boards

We will therefore be installing the standard model in Millfields to replace the old notice boards.

Footpath re-surfacing

We will be undertaking additional re-surfacing on the path in South Millfields that leads into Millfields Road. This is being funded by a separate pathway budget, and we expect it to be delivered by the end of 2015.

Wall fixing

We are currently undertaking structural repairs to the retaining wall along Casimir Road for health and safety reasons.

Cricket Field Boundary

We will be repairing the damaged railings and replacing missing bollards around the cricket pitch as part of the Borough wide project to repair walls and fences which we expect to be delivered early 2015.

In addition, both the paddling pool works and layby works will be progressing in the next few weeks.