Monday, 21 September 2015

National grid layby to be removed from South Milfields

Some millfields news:

"On the 28th September, the layby will be removed from Millfields. The work will involve the following:

·         The railings from Hillstowe Street to the National Grid site will be removed.
·         The two metals posts at the Hillstowe Street entrance will be removed and replaced with two fixed, black, cast iron bollards to match existing.
·         The railings and concrete haunching on the opposite side of the road from the layby will be removed. The fenced off area railings will not be affected.
·         The area where the haunching has been removed from will be made good with soil, top soil and seeded or turfed. There will be a small slope up to the level of the road. The existing kerb will be lowered so that it is not higher than 50mm above the road surface.
·         The layby kerb, macadam surface and base will be removed
·         The area where the layby has been removed will be filled with soil, top soil (600mm) and seeded or turfed. A new kerb (under 50mm) will be installed.
·         The old footpath will be removed from Hillstowe Street up to the National Grid site.
·         The four lamp columns that currently light the footpath will be moved to the new kerb line.

It is estimated that the work will take four weeks."

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