Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hackney Housing Debate

Positive Money Hackney: press release:

'House prices in Hackney have risen over 20% this year, and are now 5 times more expensive than 20 years ago. For some people it is good news that their house is earning more money than they are, but for most Hackney residents this means bigger mortgages or higher rents.
Many young people who have grown up in Hackney are being forced out of the borough because they can’t afford to live here. Rising rents are forcing people out of their homes: recent rent increases by Benyon Estates on the New Era estate in Hoxton threaten to leave 80 families homeless.
In 1996, houses cost 3 times median income but now cost 17 times median income.
Diane Abbott will be discussing the causes and effects of the crisis in the cost of housing with campaigners from Hackney DIGS who support private sector tenants, Priced Out who campaign for affordable house prices and Positive Money who argue that reforming the financial system is the key to stabilising house prices.  
The discussion will take place at Chats Palace Arts Centre on Sunday October 19th at 6pm.
There will be an open discussion and you can put your questions to the panel.   

Book your free place at: HackneyHousingDebate

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